With her successes and challenges,  Lacey has developed a remarkably motivational message which she has impacted countless people with. Lacey will help you and/or your group break through the personal and professional barriers that keep you from reaching your goals.
Lacey’s mission is to inspire you through her message which she shares with speaking and song. She wants to encourage leaders, teachers, students, athletes and anyone with a desire, to own their lives, their path, and their life process, to reach their dreams…and be unstoppable!

“Lacey, your story about how you accomplished your dream to go to the Paralympics, inspired me…”    - Katie Metzger, US Bank branch

“Every time I doubt what is possible in my life, I will think of you, Lacey. Your story of overcoming so many trials, has really made an impact on me and made me want to change my life!” - Douglas Granger, Non-profit Executive Director


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