Lacey Heward is a Paralympian, Singer/Songwriter, Story-teller, and Survivor.

Now she speaks to her inspirations on life, humanity, awakening purpose, transformation, and the importance of having fun through it all.

2 Philosophies

Lacey has unearthed two core philosophies for obtaining her mission, which is support people in awakening to their true nature and passions in order to create a more mindful, compassionate, and harmonious world.

  1. We cannot imagine the the value in others and the world around us, when we cannot perceive our own innate value.
  2. The more we are removed from interactions with the splendor and rhythms of the natural world, the more we are disconnected from our true nature, and the nature of others.

5 Steps

Lacey has found that the key is in these five steps that lead to greater understanding and perspective. Using the metaphor of climbing a mountain, Lacey likens these 5 steps to climbing to the summit. The Summit is a where we can gain greater understanding perspective.
Personal Challenge
Social Awareness

How can Lacey help you get started?

Lacey leads by examples and shares her process by sharing her life story, soulful and poignant music, and tales from the wilderness trail. It is her hope that you will be inspired and better equipped to head for your own Summit; whatever your dreams may be!

How can you partner with Lacey and her dreams? 

Lacey is launching her business, VitalAccord™ and continuing WHAT'S YOUR SUMMIT. She is excited about this chapter of her life and the difference it is making in the lives Lacey has an opportunity to touch. However, Lacey is mostly flying solo. She has an awesome climbing team, and friends and family help when they can to spread the word about up and coming events. At the same time, to have a greater impact, Lacey needs a support team, sponsors and agents, to partner with to really transform her career and the lives of many! To partner with Lacey contact her directly here.